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Don’t let data protection overwhelm you

Data, data everywhere! Growing databases, virtual machines (VMs), emails, ERP systems, and the list goes on. How can any organization keep up with it? Well, the first step is to recognize that data has

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Take big steps in IT service management with visibility, control, automation

The popular adage “you need to crawl before you walk…” also applies to IT Service Management (ITSM) when it comes to visibility, control and automation. Visibility, control & automation are central to ITSM, because

Transform Network Operations with Netcool Operations Insight

As with many modern IT systems, IT operations have to deal with large mountains of data. This is especially true of network operations, where vast stores of event and alarm data can build up,

How to avoid crashes and delays during your product launches

In the early hours of September 12th, hordes of faithful Apple aficionados stayed up late to pre-order the just-announced iPhone 6, only to find websites overwhelmed and unresponsive. The devoted crowd spent countless

4G World: How market-leading CSPs are managing the LTE user experience

Business services are a key growth area for CSPs. Monitoring subscriber experience provides early warning of issues that could impact service level agreements. With insight of customer experience degradations, network operations can manage the

Speaker nominations for IBM Interconnect 2015 open now!

IBM Pulse is now IBM InterConnect IBM Pulse is now IBM InterConnect – The Premier Cloud Innovation Conference. We’re combining three of our most popular IBM conferences—Pulse, Impact and Innovate—into one of the most comprehensive

Five tips to keep your Tivoli Workload Scheduler environment highly available (Part 1)

Availability of a workload automation tool is considered one of the top priorities for many CIOs. Unlike many other service management tools under their responsibility, workload automation really drives the business and is in

Two simple rules to keep your inventory optimized

Maximo Inventory Insights uses predictive inventory optimization to help organizations better manage inventory. As with any software solution, organizations should use Maximo Inventory Insights as part of a well-planned and structured approach to solve

Four industries the Internet of things will change forever

You won’t recognize the world once the Internet of Things revolutionizes these four industries: commerce, energy, transportation and agriculture. Robots and drones are at the forefront of this trend, but they make up only

Reducing time to repair issues in 3G-4G/LTE networks

A multi-generational mobile network operator faces new operational challenges. For example, an unusual surge in call handovers to 3G cells near a large football stadium could be a warning sign of a 4G capacity