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Why you don’t need to be Eddy Merckx to take a “Tour de SaaS”

In everyday life, before any kind of purchase, it is important to learn more about what you want to buy. It isn’t just the product’s price that matters; you also need to evaluate it

Introducing “Charlie” – IBM Service Engage Next

Introducing “Charlie” – IBM Service Engage Next

We’ve had an amazing ride over the past 4 months since the launch of IBM Service Engage. If you have never been to IBM Service Engage, it’s a digital engagement experience targeted at helping

Fleet maintenance innovation continues to evolve

The applications of vehicle telemetry for improved fleet maintenance is certainly not new, however I see new uses all the time as technology building blocks become cheaper and more pervasive. Some recent examples I

Valuable new integrations for IBM Workload Automation – Sterling Connect:Direct

Last month IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure (C&SI) announced three valuable IBM Workload Automation business integrations that will maximize the return on investment on the IBM Workload Automation product. These integrations are available on

Integrating IBM Maximo into your enterprise resource planning system: Part 3

In this blog series I’ve been thinking about the most common questions I get when integrating IBM Maximo Asset Management  into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I

Dealing with boring, repetitive tasks? Application Catalog to the rescue! Part 2

  Here I am again (and it probably won’t be the last time!)—with the second part of my blog series about the advantages of the Application Catalog for IBM Workload Automation. In this first part of

Dealing with boring, repetitive tasks? Application Catalog to the rescue! Part 1

We all know that performing repetitive and inefficient tasks can lead to boredom and to wasted time that we could have spent doing something more gratifying instead. Boredom and repetition can also cause us

Just what the heck is this analytics thing I keep hearing about?

Everywhere I go these days, the one word that I keep hearing is analytics. In today’s world of instant applications and instant messaging, there is a lot of data being generated. But what should

Upcoming webcast on how to get more from your application performance management solution

Recent survey data shows that 86 percent of people have deleted a mobile app in the past due to poor performance. That’s quite a drop and a big risk to companies developing applications. Successful

Predictive inventory optimization: analytics and action

How well do you think most operations are managing their asset management inventory? These days, you would imagine that most enterprise inventories are pretty lean and efficient, and that they strive to make inventory