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Smarter Infrastructure solutions help realize value in 30 days

For many enterprises, facilities represent the second largest expense item. As a result, enterprise Facilities Management (FM) and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are getting increased attention from chief financial and chief executive officers.IBM

Do you really need to run your job every day at 8 o’clock?

What do people imagine when they think of workload automation? They see it as something that allows them to run the same set of instructions every day. It includes the possibility of specifying when,

LTE Asia: Combining operational analytics with network topology for faster issue diagnosis

What if your Operations staff had an up-to-date topological view of the network, could see the network nodes connected between two end-points, and could search for all recent events between these two end-points? How

Seven recommendations for good event management of your IT environment

Years ago I wrote a paper about how to work with event management, because the topic has interested me for a while. Some time has passed since then, and many new tools have been

Application performance management point solutions: Blessing or curse?

Clients are approaching the selection of their application performance management (APM) or infrastructure monitoring solutions with different strategies. Two commonly seen and quite divergent approaches are wide enterprise solutions and specific point solutions. Both

Urban legend: security inhibits SaaS adoption

Ever since I took my first steps into the computer science world, I’ve always wondered if the technology that is being used or developed is safe and secure enough. I’ve thought about things like

Don’t let data protection overwhelm you

Data, data everywhere! Growing databases, virtual machines (VMs), emails, ERP systems, and the list goes on. How can any organization keep up with it? Well, the first step is to recognize that data has

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Take big steps in IT service management with visibility, control, automation

The popular adage “you need to crawl before you walk…” also applies to IT Service Management (ITSM) when it comes to visibility, control and automation. Visibility, control & automation are central to ITSM, because

Transform Network Operations with Netcool Operations Insight

As with many modern IT systems, IT operations have to deal with large mountains of data. This is especially true of network operations, where vast stores of event and alarm data can build up,

How to avoid crashes and delays during your product launches

In the early hours of September 12th, hordes of faithful Apple aficionados stayed up late to pre-order the just-announced iPhone 6, only to find websites overwhelmed and unresponsive. The devoted crowd spent countless