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Managing safety risks and uncertainties

In my last blog, I reviewed a recent whitepaper by David Berger titled  “The Value of Integrating Health, Safety and Environment Processes with Enterprise Asset Management“. The paper put forth evidence that Incident Management can

What Maximo for Service Providers offers for Managing Assets as a Business

Managing assets as a business brings in additional layers such as customer, service and financial management to asset management operation. A service provider can deliver further values to the customers by providing excellent customer

Fleet maintenance innovation continues to evolve

The applications of vehicle telemetry for improved fleet maintenance is certainly not new, however I see new uses all the time as technology building blocks become cheaper and more pervasive. Some recent examples I

Integrating IBM Maximo into your enterprise resource planning system: Part 3

In this blog series I’ve been thinking about the most common questions I get when integrating IBM Maximo Asset Management  into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I

Predictive inventory optimization: analytics and action

How well do you think most operations are managing their asset management inventory? These days, you would imagine that most enterprise inventories are pretty lean and efficient, and that they strive to make inventory

How to add a read-write Maximo field to IBM Maximo Anywhere

Is there a specific field that is available by default in IBM Maximo Asset Management (in the Work Order Maximo business object—MBO) that you want to show and edit as part of your IBM

How to configure queryBases in Maximo Anywhere

Would you like to understand how to do the initial setup and configuration of IBM Maximo Anywhere and what you need to get your mobile implementation up and running? In my previous blog post, “How

Maximo Mary interviews Downer Group on the importance of multi-class asset management solutions

Interested in what makes a large transportation system work behind the scenes? You’ll want to look at Maximo Mary‘s new interview with Downer Group executives Uchiraka Yatawara and Abhijeet Rajankar as they speak on

Preventive maintenance and spring cleaning for smarter buildings

  North America recently emerged from the longest, coldest winter in recent memory. Was your heating system up to the task? If yours broke down, you’re not alone. My furnace decided to break down on

How can you turbocharge your Maximo Anywhere application?

Have you ever wondered what the extensibility capabilities of Maximo Anywhere are and how you can turbocharge your Maximo Anywhere solution so that it includes the configurations and customizations required for your specific environment? In