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Five critical features to look for in lease accounting software

New lease accounting standards will require new or upgraded software to ensure audit readiness Finance and real estate executives agree that new or upgraded lease accounting software is required to prepare for new lease accounting

What matters to transit operators?

If you have followed Maximo Mary’s Microphone over the last few months, you have seen a big focus on public transportation and the importance of having a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution to address

Do you know what is in your real estate portfolio?

Though active optimization of a company’s property portfolio is a fundamental responsibility of global real estate teams, many organizations lack the foundational tools to carry out this function. Having the right properties in the

Supporting patient-centric care with integrated asset management

Hospitals and healthcare providers are under increased pressure to enhance patient care and improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs and ensuring compliance to a wide range of applicable regulations.  For many leading healthcare organizations,

Solving urban transit challenges with enterprise asset management

Traveling, as we all know, is getting more and more complex and sometimes nerve-breaking. For us travelers, we have to be always on-time at our work or meetings, we have to calculate unforeseen incidents,

Building the Foundation for the Internet of Things

“If we don’t respect the difference between the Internet and the Internet of Things, failure is inevitable.” John Thompson, vice president of strategy for IBM Internet of Things, made that crystal-clear statement in a keynote

Why should you care for capital planning within TRIRIGA?

One of the benefits of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like TRIRIGA is that users know that the information they use is open to all users at all levels. As such, while the use

Smarter Infrastructure solutions help realize value in 30 days

For many enterprises, facilities represent the second largest expense item. As a result, enterprise Facilities Management (FM) and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are getting increased attention from chief financial and chief executive officers.

Using predictive maintenance for asset management efficiency

In my last blog I wrote about condition-based maintenance and how collecting data from assets can help improve the effectiveness of our asset management strategies. I’m sure everyone is aware of big data and analytics

Top five new features in IBM Maximo Anywhere 7.5.1

IBM Maximo Anywhere 7.5.1 was just released, and it contains important new capabilities that I will discuss in this blog post. These features show progress on the journey to providing a complete solution for

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