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Reducing time to repair issues in 3G-4G/LTE networks

A multi-generational mobile network operator faces new operational challenges. For example, an unusual surge in call handovers to 3G cells near a large football stadium could be a warning sign of a 4G capacity

Identifying network issues affecting your critical business applications

A customer of yours has just posted a message to a social media forum. He can’t complete a mobile deposit transaction. He asks ‘Are the servers down?’ ‘Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

Mobile carrier utilizes IBM Netcool solution for LTE

When a US mobile CSP wanted a new Operations Support System as part of its investment in LTE, it first spoke to the key company personnel who are on the front lines in delivering

How to avoid false events and tickets

In my previous blog post, “Five reasons to avoid false events for your business,” I shared the negative effects of false events and reasons to avoid them in your business. In this blog post,

Netcool is HOT at TM Forum Live!

TM Forum is the place to learn the latest in Network Management. Especially this year for those who are looking for smarter ways to optimize operations; to reduce the volume of events hitting the

Why network service assurance is still relevant

Network equipment is a commodity, and network management is a necessary evil. At least this is how the normal thinking goes. In the telecommunication world, service assurance is the practice of ensuring that networks continue

Mainframe in a notebook: IBM System z Personal Development Tool

The advancements in technology today never cease to amaze me. I remember coming out of university and starting my first job as a trainee mainframe systems programmer. That was a very technical role and

How to predict and counterattack a denial of service

The fear of a denial-of-service attack on business-vital servers is one of the most disturbing thoughts for a network administrator. It keeps me awake at night. I continuously search for solutions that will allow me

Software use analysis: Who is eating your license money?

As the song by Simply Red goes, “money’s too tight to mention.” We have all seen, and maybe been involved in, the current business environment where a major focus with companies is on reducing costs.

Five reasons to avoid false events for your business

Imagine an enterprise with hundreds of servers where the business applications run. To ensure business continuity, this company definitely needs proactive monitoring from the network layer to the transaction layer. Monitoring can help keep