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Lab advocates: Let them out of the dungeon

What are lab advocates? Generally, they are software developers who have deep-dive skills in a particular discipline and who can help you with your day-to-day business needs. I’m a senior technical sales architect in

The world of SAM: Who’s on first?

As I have said in a previous blog post, SAM I am, and my world is software asset management.  Today we look at the wordplay involved in identifying licensed software titles. In much the same

The world of SAM: Control is king

As I have said in a previous blog post, I am SAM (software asset management). I am processes, and I am a crowd of individual software products, each with a distinctive face and shape.

Still discussing server availability?

Have you ever been requested to provide a report to somebody showing the availability of one or more servers? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably also started the discussion about how to define

What is ITSM really all about?

  One of the emerging themes of IT in recent years is that services—and service management—trump the technical details of how services are rendered.   It’s an intuitively appealing idea. When you think about it, the fundamental point of

The world of SAM (software asset management)

  You might remember “I am Sam; Sam I am” from Green Eggs and Ham by Doctor Seuss. So you think you know SAM. But do you really know who or what I am? I am

Oslo snow and risk management: an unexpected journey

I was out and about recently, visiting customers, talking at conferences, delivering an ITIL course, and finally running two ITSM simulator games. This little jaunt took me during the space of 2½ weeks to

What is a configuration item (CI)—for those who might have forgotten?

Today I want to talk about a configuration item (CI). I have recently started a new role where I am overlooking all of service management (not just monitoring and event management), and I’ve come across the

IT Operations Analytics: Complex data, clear benefits

A recent video featured Chris O’Connor, VP Strategy and Engineering for IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure talking with

Why Is IT Agility Still So Darn Elusive?

Question of the day: why is IT agility so darn elusive? Give up? Follow up question: after spending multiple millions in technology to improve service delivery, quality, and productivity, why do so many line of business

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